• Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

    Can Android phone be cloned to Apple mobile phones?


    Sep 23, 2022
    4 thoughts on “Can Android phone be cloned to Apple mobile phones?”
    1. The Android phone software can clone to Apple mobile phones. The cloning method is:
      1, take out the phone, unlock the phone, click the settings, click WiFi, and connect the available WIFI network.
      2. Find the Huawei mobile phone application market on the phone desktop, and open it to enter the mobile phone clone.
      3, enter the mobile phone clone in the search box, click search.
      4, in the application game directory, find the clone of the mobile phone, click to install.
      5. Sloping up and down on this page, check the application introduction, information, application grading, application tags, comments, star rating, etc., evaluate whether you can meet your expectations.
      6. After the evaluation is completed, click the installation word.

    2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer: This operation is achieved through cloud services. For example, Baidu Cloud, Weiyun, 360, SkyDrive, etc. are all possible. Taking Baidu Cloud as an example, the sharing methods are as follows: The iPhone and Android phones are installed "Baidu Cloud" application. iPhone download Android software, which is the APK program. The iPhone opens Baidu Cloud and uploads the downloaded Android software. Android phone opens Baidu Cloud and download the software. Android phone runs the software. In this way, the function of downloading Android software with Apple to Android phone is realized. Method 2: Copy the file to Android phone through the computer as a transit. However, this method requires jailbreaks to Apple mobile phones, otherwise it will not be achieved. The specific steps are as follows: The jailbreak Apple mobile phone is connected to the computer. Use 91 or iTools software to open Apple mobile phones. Copy the APK installation package. Android phone connects the computer. The file is copied in the Android phone. The above two methods are the most mainstream, and other methods are also more troublesome, not recommended.

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