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    How many channels are there in CCTV (including digital channels)


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. At present, a total of 25 sets of open-road TV programs are launched, namely comprehensive channels, financial channels, variety channels, Chinese international channel-Asia, Chinese international channel-Europe, Chinese international channel-America, sports channels, film channels, military and agricultural channels, TV dramas, TV dramas Channel, record channel, record channel-English, science and education channels, opera channels, social and legal channels, news channels, children's channels, music channels, high-definition comprehensive channels, 5 sports channels, English news channels, Spanish international channels, French international international channels, French international international channels, French international international channels Channel, Arabic International Channel and Russian International Channel

      The more than 20 digital television paid channels and 28 online TV channels.

      A digital TV paid channels include new animation, television guide, Fengyun football, first theater, Fengyun Theater, world geography, Fengyun music, nostalgic theater, golf tennis, China TV shopping, old story, CCTV- Entertainment, CCTV-opera, CCTV-movie, CCTV-billiards, CCTV boutique, national defense military, female fashion, middle school students, discovery journey and other channels.

      The network TV channel includes news, CCTV's attention, records, tourism, history, English, acrobatics, variety shows, compassion, meteorology, food, food, music, sports, life, fashion, animation, animation, animation , Drama, Children, Economy, Legal, Education, Games, Drama, Magic, People

    2. Cctv1: Comprehensive
      cctv2: Finance
      cctv3: Variety
      cctv4: Chinese International (Asia)
      cctv4: Chinese International (Europe)
      cctv4: Chinese International (America) ncctv5: Sports
      cctv5 : sports event
      cctv6: Movie
      cctv7: National Defense Military
      CCTV8: TV series
      cctv9: Record
      cctv10: Science Education
      CCTV11: Opera
      cctv12: Society and Fa
      CCTV13: News
      cctv14: Children
      cctv15: Music
      CCTV16: Olympic
      cctv17: Agriculture and rural ncctv20: bus subway
      CCTV21: CCTV shopping
      cctv22: HD
      CCTV23: Education
      cctv24: funny satellite TV
      CCTV4K: ultra -high definition
      CCTV English news
      CCTV English International
      CCTV Russian International
      CCTV A language
      CCTV French International
      CCTV Western International
      NCCTV New Science
      CCTV golf, tennis
      CCTV TV Guide
      CCTV Old Story
      CCTV Fengyun Football
      CCTV Middle School Students
      CCTV CCTV Ball
      CCTV Fashion
      CCTV Entertainment NCCTV Adult NCCTV handsome guy
      cctvvvv World Geography
      CCTV discovery Journey
      CCTV First Theater
      CCTV Fengyun Theater
      CCTV Fengyun Music
      CCTV CCTV Boutique
      CCTV Nostalgia Theater

    3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer a total of 15 CCTV channels, namely: CCTV-1 comprehensive channel, CCTV-2 financial channel, CCTV-3 variety channel, CCTV-4 Chinese international channel, CCTV-5 sports channel, CCTV-6 movie channel, CCTV-CCTV- 7 Military Agricultural Channel, CCTV-8 TV Drama Channel, CCTV-9 Records Channel, CCTV-10 Science and Education Channel, CCTV-11 Opera Channel, CCTV-12 Social and French Channel, CCTV-13 News Channel, CCTV-14 Children's Channel, CCTV -15 music channel.nIf you are satisfied with my service, please end the consultation at the upper right point and make an evaluation of me, thank you for killingnI wish you all the best in the new year, and my thoughts are truen1 morenBleak

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