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    How to adjust the resolution of the sniper ghost warrior.


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. You find the viodeo.scr file in the Sniper Ghost WarriorgameoutSettings folder in the game directory, change the suffix name to TXT, find (1024,768), change the resolution in the bracket to the resolution you want, just Intersection Intersection Intersection Don't forget to change the suffix name again to SCR

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      This of the forum only found the method of modifying the resolution and the method of opening 4AA (thanks to the ancestors to mention it). Refer to:
      Me first delete the xx.pro archive file under the Sniper Ghost WarriorGameoutProfiles and the Audio.Scr and Video.scr file below the Audio.Scr and Video.scrip of the Sniper Ghost WarriorGameouttings, and then enter the game to create a new file. Everbright can be changed. If the configuration is weak, you can reduce the special effects appropriately, and then save exit.
      In exit, then enter the Sniper Ghost WarriorgameoutSettings and change the video.scr to the video.txt. You can get the name of the name ~
      The person who feels that the Chrome4 engine is optimized. The desktop desktop i5 (default 2.66 No Turbo3.2) 275 1920x1080 plus 4AA special effects are all running. 2G memory) Should reduce the resolution from 1440x900 to 1280x720, and then adjust the shadow to Normal, the shadow size to 512, Post Process Quality to Simple, and the remaining options can run smoothly to run above 25 FPS n
      The suffix is ​​at
      Open my computer- —》 — —》 —》 —》 —— ——》 Hide the name type of the file name —》 n
      Peoppy copy

    3. LZ, there is an options in the main interface of the game, you click in, the second is Video, click, and the first one is the default 1280*800 of the game there. There is an arrow on each side. You can choose it yourself. , But only 1024*400 is the lowest

    4. LZ, OPITITINS on the main interface of the game, you click in, and then there is a Video, click in, the first one is the following two. The following two you know that you have n’t played FPS at first glance, I laugh at the FPS, I laugh

    5. Hehe, it is generally necessary to increase the resolution of the desktop. If you do n’t work, you can find it in the game. You ca n’t be tuned on the desktop. You can download a wide -screen patch. ~

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