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    How to do Baidu Tieba Promotion


    Sep 23, 2022
    4 thoughts on “How to do Baidu Tieba Promotion”
    1. In the current promotion, do you still think that only the official website is the promotion? The big mistake is special, there are many real online promotion methods, not only SEO promotion, SEM promotion, but also B2B promotion, WeChat promotion, Weibo promotion, social promotion, etc.
      We we usually search for a certain scenic spot on the Internet. When keywords, we often see websites, videos, problems, posters, etc. In fact, this is part of the promotion. In detail, if you want to buy a car, will you go in the car home to see the evaluation of the vehicles by others. In fact, this is the community forum. Many people currently shift their focus to the post, the reason why they move their positions. Because Tieba is a communication platform, you can tell netizens you want to ask questions. Everyone picked up firewood and flames to answer your professional answers through everyone's strength (many professionals). So, what skills do you have to post for posting, can you attract more fans?
      First, when promoting the product URL, try to insert the promotion link in user comments on the second floor.
      It, you can not only insert pictures, videos, but also send voice in the post bar. You can send a few seconds of voice. When you replace the avatar, try to use the cute girl's avatar. Presumably someone will click on. Take your own products and contact information simply, and promote the method.
      3. You can publish product information and contact information in the comments. You do n’t need to post it. Remember to reply in the comments. Also remind you to continue to switch IPs to avoid account banning.
      If, use the promotion information of others in the post bar. This way is to "ride a windmill". As long as you add your own brand in the promotion of others, it also plays a role in exposure.
      Fifth, the most important point, the content of the post cannot be repeated, and the post cannot be published on many platforms. This will not have any effect at all.
      If, do not publish a lot of painful and itchy posts every day. Unless your post is dry, you will always be stared at the official website of the post.
      Seventh, when you start sending the post, do not bring links, do not advertise, first raise your account number to slowly bring into the promotional link.
      It, you must interact more. Baidu Tieba is an interactive social platform. Interactive is particularly important. It depends on your high degree of activity. Many policies will tilt you.
      Is to share stories, one by one, layer by layer, and slowly raising a post. This requires patience and long water flow. The story should be described as much as possible and highly readable.
      If if you want to do a good job of posting bar operation, you must be patient, interact more, and you must not speculate and advertise directly. In this case, the first one to death is you.

    2. It is not difficult to post it. You open WeChat search for Badping notes. I believe you can learn a lot, because the author has shared it for free, and many people pay the content!

    3. Baidu Tieba is a good official app, which is mainly published in the form of soft texts. As long as you actively respond to any questions about Bar Friends, you can successfully promote it.

    4. Since: Fajiu withdrew from the market last month, many people could not do it because there was no software to do it!
      Of course, people who know how to do it still have a way, like I don't have to worry, other tricks are more secure than before!
      After these tricks, you will not lack customers, and you can easily get it! Do you want to learn?

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