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    In the United States, why is China's mahjong more and more popular?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Chinese Mahjong flows into the United States and also starts from American Jewish businessman Joseph Babkak that he brought Mahjong into the United States and taught Americans to play mahjong. The reason why it is becoming more and more popular is that the playability of Mahjong is very playable, and it is in line with people's pursuit of life now.

      . Although the founding of the United States for less than 300 years, the history of playing mahjong has been close to 100 years. In 1920, Jewish merchant Jewish businessman Joseph Babkak brought Mahjong back to the United States and systematically introduced Chinese Mahjong and its play to Americans. He simplified the process of playing mahjong, wrote a book about Mahjong game, and applied for copyright. This is the famous Mahjong book Bobcacker Mahjong rule in the overseas Mahjong world. This complex and interesting game quickly set off a wave of waves in the United States, and Mahjong has since entered the US market on a large scale.
      In 1922, the United States imported more than 130,000 associate mahjongs, each with a price of $ 500, but was quickly bought out. Now a pair of Mahjong is less than $ 100. By 1923, Mahjong's sales jumped to 1.5 million vice, when 15 million people in the United States played mahjong. In 1923, the New York Times published an advertisement about Mahjong, saying that a mahjong class was recruiting students for tuition fees for $ 10 per person. There are now 3.5 million members of the United States Mahjong Federation. They expressed their deep love for Chinese mahjong, and they felt bad every day without playing mahjong. Heinz said that in the 1920s and 1930s, Mahjong played an important role in Chinatown and became a "cultural bond" between Chinese and local Americans.
      Call once again analyzed the reasons for the rise of Mahjong, with strong interest, strong ideology, and very in line with the requirements of collective activities. Gathering everyone together regularly, Mahjong is a good reason. China's Mahjong has been introduced to the United States and is loved by more people. The cultures of different countries learn from each other and integrate with each other. Americans like to play mahjong, we can also see that the United States attaches great importance to mahjong. For fun, different rules will be changed, and I hope to have better things to share with the people of the world.

    2. In today's society, the output of soft power has become an important cultural force of a country. For example, Japanese anime, cosplay, etc., as well as the output of culture such as McDonald's, jeans and other cultures in the world. China is no exception, such as China ’s kung fu, chopsticks, etc. are exported to the world. Get recognized by the world.
      The is about Mahjong as one of the four major countries in our country, exporting to the United States. Mahjong in the United States is becoming more and more popular.
      Iti, as a chess game, originated in China. In 2017, Mahjong was included in the World Intellectual Movement. Mahjong can be described as out of the country, which is very popular in many countries, such as the United States.
      The play in the United States is hot. How hot is it? The Americans not only changed the rules of Chinese mahjong themselves, but also set up special training courses that needed examinations to pass.
      This is the organizer of the American Mahjong District. Among them, we can see that many Americans behind him are playing mahjong.
      , as a Chinese, Mahjong is in the United States. Other countries are so hot and proud of people. Why is Mahjong more and more popular in the United States?
      In in the United States, why is China's mahjong more and more popular?
      1. It is very popular in history and has a deep audience foundation. Historically introduced Mahjong in 1920, introduced Mahjong through Jewish businessman Joseph Babkak, and introduced the rules of Mahjong at the same time. He wrote a book about how Mahjong played Mahjong for this. Essence After that, Mahjong began to prevail in the United States.
      In 1922, the United States purchased 130,000 deputy mahjong, but did not expect that the purchase volume was still too small. The 130,000 mahjong was sold out at a high price of $ 500. The American Mahjong market is very hot. At that time, it was enough to show that Mahjong had begun to become hot in the United States. At the same time, Mahjong played a significant role in maintaining the friendship between Chinese and American people at the time, and became a "cultural bond" in Chinatown.
      It the reason why American mahjong is getting angry, tracing history to know that at that time, there was a deep mass foundation in the United States a long time ago. In addition, the number of social entertainment time is now increasing. fire.
      2, social. Mahjong has its sociality. In the 1940s, Mahjong became one of the social activities of the midfielder.
      This is the Americans who were photographed at that time. This social activity
      In Mahjong itself is a social activity. Four people sit around, play cards together People may become friends. You can also see people through hemp in the future. From the Mahjong, you can see the truth and falseness of a person. Become one of the interesting social activities in American life.
      This Mahjong has enough audiences in the history of the United States. In addition, Mahjong's own sociality is loved by Americans who love socially. Announced Mahjong is also fun. In fun, in today's society, Chinese mahjong is becoming more and more popular in the United States. Just like poker in China, world culture is spreading between each other.
      For this, why is China's mahjong more and more popular in the United States? What is your opinion on this question?

    3. Mahjong is a kind of entertainment game in our country and is still very popular, but it is carried by a negative image and feels addictive. But even so, it still cannot stop it from shining abroad. China Mahjong is becoming more and more popular in the United States,
      The United States introduced Mahjong to our country. Since Mahjong entered the life of Americans, it can really be described as an out of hand. You can't think of how high the status of Mahjong in American life is. They have formulated special rules for Mahjong, and they basically change them once a year. So when they went out to play mahjong, they would always put this manual at any time.
      not only that, they also specially set up Mahjong training classes to teach by the teacher. I will leave some after -school homework every day, and the exams are held on a regular basis. It can be said that it is very serious. Even some European and American powers have launched competitive events for this and want to defeat our country. There is an American evaluated the Mahjong in my country. He said that he never regarded Mahjong as a relaxed game, but instead regarded it as a competitive event. He also wanted to make the United States the world's first Mahjong country

    4. At the beginning of Mahjong, it was regarded as the "national essence" and the specific and slight representative of China's "nationality". In the early 20th century, it still acted across the sea and developed in Britain and the United States. In the 1930s, it became windy. At the sea in California, American women soaked in the swimming pool to play mahjong.
      In Mah-Jongg
      It Mahjong drifting across the sea to Europe and the United States. It started in the early 20th century. In between, I found a small game that is everywhere on the streets -Mahjong.
      So when he was boring, foreigners came to China to learn to fight mahjong. In the 1920s, John Babccok, who had worked at Suzhou Mobil Petroleum Company, tried to compile and compile mahjong in English for the first time. Rules Handbook, he unified the norms of English terms, and the English name of Mahjong was called "Mah-JongG". This book is widely popular in the city of commercial port.
      In September 1922, a wood merchant in San Francisco imported a group of mahjong cards with a total value of 50,000 US dollars from Shanghai, and established a special Mahjong sales company. At this point, Mahjong began to enter the US market on a large scale. Essence As of 1923, about 15 million Americans were playing mahjong. Its degree of prosperity is evident -in 1922, more than 131,000 deputy vixes imported in the United States were snapped up, and the price was as high as $ 500 a pair; sales in 1923 increased to 1.5 million vice. In 1923, the annual street of the New York Park Avenue will invite 12 Chinese people to demonstrate to play mahjong. As a result, the street will be forcibly bought by the hemp cards on the first day of the street.
      If Mahjong and American women
      An old photo taken in 1924 showed the time and characteristics of Mahjong's entering the United States. In the photo, four American women wearing a swimsuit and leisurely look at the floating table in the swimming pool play mahjong.
      In fact, this photo contains three typical factors after mahjong "immigration" -women, leisure, summer.
      In the early 1920s, the US economy was prosperous, and more and more families began to enter modern life. At this time, men have worked more and more in urban companies, and women's lives are becoming more and more free. They do not have to handle housework at home all day. Therefore Leisure activities.
      In 1927, Hu Shi in the United States found that almost tables in the United States Club were mahjong. Chinese students could not even make money by teaching mahjong to make money -Hu Shi was greatly stimulated, saying: "No one dreams of the pioneer of the Eastern civilization conquering the West, but it is the 136th Mahjong!"
      The new Mahjong in the new era
      1937, the largest Mahjong association in the United States, the United States The Mahjong Federation was established in New York. Most of the members of this association were Jewish women. Their method was to spread the "Mahjong" by mothers to pass on their daughters. However, in the 1950s, many young women were busy with feminist movements, and had no time to learn mahjong skills. The fault of a mahjong player appeared in the United States. In the early 1960s, Mahjong rose again. Many middle -class white women were also popular in "Mahjong Night". They hung lanterns at home and wore Chinese costumes to play Mahjong overnight.
      At the same time, many games about Mahjong also appeared from time to time, such as the "Caribbean Sea Mahjong Crazy Circuit" and the American "Mahjong Crazy Championship".
      In the mid -1990s, with the rise of personal computers, "Mahjong is no longer just a grandmother's game, and the World Internet has won new Mahjong enthusiasts." At the same time, when the batch of people born during the infant tide retired retired, Later, Mahjong may experience glory again. Because for these old -fashioned babies, Mahjong has been nicknamed "the gadgets that can" bind friends' together. "

    5. It will not only have unique game characteristics, but also have the charm and connotation, which integrates intelligence, fun, and gaming. Mahjong has a long history, and has always been loved by the people. Hit Mahjong is not only a kind of wisdom, but also relaxed. According to the regional gameplay, it is roughly divided into: Sichuan Mahjong, Guangdong Mahjong, Nanchang Mahjong, Suzhou Mahjong and other more detailed categories. Therefore, the popularity of Chinese mahjong in the United States makes sense.

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