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    King Glory Customer Service Online Consultation?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello. King of Glory customer service Tel: 0755-86013666 WeChat customer service contact information is as follows: First enter the "settings" page in the glory game of the king, and then click the "Contact customer service" button on the bottom of the "Settings" page. After that, a new page will pop up, and some conventional problems can be seen here. If you can't find the method we want to solve here, click the "customer service" icon on the right side of this page. If the player is in contact with customer service for the first time, we need to authorize, and on the "Service Authorization" page, we click the "Authorized" button. After authorization, turn on the mobile phone WeChat. At this time, you will receive a push from "Tencent Customer Service", and then you can leave a message to leave a message to be solved. The time for the king's glory customer service is 9: 00-21: 30 per day. Players can only conduct artificial service consultation during this time.nAsk my king's account to be bound by others, and then the others helped me complete the certification through her mobile phone, but I had to continue the certification here.nI can't find the king's manual service, every time I reply to me is a robotnAfter answering other people, they became other people. Need to certify it yourself.nQuestion, right, others have helped me certify, and the authentication is over. IPAD can wait. You can never certify it once.nAnswer a device to authenticate once.nAsk, can you help me find information and text messages with artificial customer service? Every time I reply to me is customer servicenrobotnAnswer you can follow the official public account of Tencent's customer service. Provide online intelligence and manual services for Tencent services such as WeChat payment, WeChat, and games.n7 morenBleak

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