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    What are the game chess around the world?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Chess, dark chess, dark image, chess, chess, land war, four -nation chess, flying chess, chess, play, Wuzi chess, chess, Korean chess, western double land chess, black and white chess, ancient war chess, fighting beast chess. There are also some places chess, such as: Tigers eat around, four chess, pig chess, six son chess, and scissors in Fuzhou.

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    3. There are countless world chess and card games, but my personal favorite is fighting beast chess, which is particularly fun, and it will not fall aside due to the gap between strength. Now the VX applet can play fighting beast chess. Search for Mengmeng fighting beast chess online. You can play online. You don’t need to download it. It is really convenient. Sighing the development of technology

    4. Three -man fighting beast chess
      The chessboard chess pieces are as shown in the picture.
      Basic rules are the same as traditional beast chess.
      1, triangle grid, trapezoidal grid, and rectangle can only occupy one chess. However, the number of grids of various shapes may not be the same.
      2, the method of the lion, and the tiger jumping into the river, as indicated by the arrow (for clear, see the attached picture).
      3, the chess entering the swamp cannot be continuously walking, at least one step, that is, one round, and any animal in the swamp does not have any attack capabilities. Any animal in the swamp.
      4. When a certain animal is in the beast name icon, it cannot eat "beasts" with the same beast name as the icon position. For example, [Leopard] cannot eat [wolf] when you are in "wolf".
      5. After occupying a beast hole, the remaining beasts in charge of this side can not leave. But it may be eaten by a third party beast, but it is controlled.

      ============================= ============
      The prosperous chess
      as shown in the figure, the basic rules are the same as chess, but the chessboard has a line of elephant lines, the high point horizontal line is the river bank, and there is a connecting line in the river. And add other prosperous rules as follows:
      1, the role of elephants is strengthened: [elephant] can take two steps and three steps on your own elephant, you cannot cross the son, you cannot cross the river. Increasing, the offensive effect of the auxiliary [gun] has also been strengthened.
      2, the role of scholars is strengthened: the two cross points of the "nine palaces" and the scholarship of the "nine palaces" of the two sides are: the small oblique fork point in the standard grid, referred to as "half -grid", here [Shi] can be available here. Going to half to one grid, only [Shi] can enter and exit half a point, each "half -grid" has four "surrounding dots". When there is a chess on the surrounding point of a half -point point, Scholars cannot enter this half -grid point. On the contrary, when there is a scholar at a half, other chess can not go to the position with the [Scholar] half -grid oblique line. In addition, "half a point" No other effect and influence.
      The role of half -grid points has strengthened the defense performance of the scholars. The scholars can switch to the inner elephant line through the section of the Jiugong. Here is the "Schiper Mixed Line".
      3, the role of soldiers is strengthened: there is a saying in the folk saying that "the small dwelling river is the car" means that the role of crossing river soldiers cannot be underestimated. Unlimited, equivalent to the way of car, but only one step of chess.
      4. Generally, the generals of the commander will strengthen the role of (handsome): the center of the nine palace is a core in the position, and the (handsome) can take the initiative to come here. Essence
      5, the role of artillery is strengthened:
      The saying of folk description chess [cannon]: "Cannon to smoke", to compare the artillery shells from the artillery.
      Here is: [Cannon] The next step after the enemy chess was taken, and the next step can be returned to the empty point just across the "artillery frame" just now.
      6, there is a proverb "horse jumping unnecessary car", strengthening the rules of horse: As shown in the figure, [horse] can be obliquely adjacent to the continuous jump (only jump can not eat children), and even jump is tingling close to jump next to jumping. By the side of the oblique grid, you can't just jump one step. The conditional rules jump at least two steps. It is not limited to jump, but it cannot be repeated.
      This jumping serial is not limited by legs.
      Per other chess.

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