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    What is the name of this game company?


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    1. Gameloft is a world -renowned development and distribution of mobile device -based video games for multinational companies. It has won many international awards for large -scale games. Its headquarters is located in France.
      gameloft is a professional game software company under Ubisoft. Its stocks are listed on the European Stock Exchange (originally Paris Stock Exchange) and currently have branches in 10 countries. In addition to the company's independent development of new games, the company also continuously uses the group advantage to achieve successful game transplants in the PC game industry to become mobile games. Gameloft can develop games based on multiple mobile phone platforms, including iOS, Windows Phone, Java, Brewian, Symbian, Android, Smart Phone, SMS, WAP, MAC and other games. At the same time, it also develops PDA games for Palm OS.
      gameloft company (smart software) is the world's leading mobile phone, PDA, digital television and video game software developers, publishers. Founded in 1999, it became a listed company in the country in the same year. It is Ubisoft (Chinese name: Ubisoft, the brothers company of some games launched by the top ten entertainment software in the world
      GAMELOFT, one of the games
      ), and Ubisoft is a joint family industry with Ubisoft. In addition to the company's independent development of new games, the company also continuously uses the group advantage to become a mobile game that has achieved success in the PC game industry. As of 2013, there have been branches in 13 countries: the United States, Canada, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Romania, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and China.
      gameloft began to make a profit in 2003. In 2006, it showed that its revenue was $ 92 million, and it was expected that the revenue in 2007 would reach US $ 130 million. At the end of 2012, Gameloft had about 4,000 employees.
      gameloft has several companies in different cities in China. The software developed has won many international awards. In addition, it has won the Brew 2003 by China Unicom and Qualcomm. This award is the outstanding performance and excellent innovation of Gameloft in Brew platform application development.
      The work introduction
      MAC 5
      Wild drag racing 6: Fire pursuit
      Wild drag racing 7: Speed ​​heat
      : Speeding Lingyun
      Assassin's Creed: Abutel Chronicles
      Lone Cars God: Hero Miami
      alien colonies
      backstab nbackstab
      Modern Warfare: Sandstorm
      Modern war 2: Black Horse
      Modern war 3: Fallen Kingdom
      Dizziness Storm
      The dungeon hunter
      Dungeon hunter 2: dungeon hunter 2
      Dungeon hunter 3
      Avatar 3d
      Cell division 5: Broken crime
      Together golf
      ) Golf 2
      R n Sprga Heroes 2
      Warfire Brothers Company 2: Global Front (BIA2 Free )
      real football 2011
      real football 2012
      real football 2013
      R n The immortal miracles
      Green Manor n Deluxe version of the brick block
      mi bricks 3
      Transformers 3: Black Moon comes
      Rainbow 6: Shadow Shadow: Shadow Shadow: Shadow Shadow: Shadow Shadow: Shadow Shadow: Shadow Shadow Pioneer
      M: West Coast Action of Sin City
      Tintin's adventures
      Sagality journey: Awakening
      Chaos and order (Large online game, a bit similar to Warcraft WOW)
      Heroes of Chaos and Order (Multi -Human Online Competition Game (MOBA))
      Ifns of the Phantom of Guyman
      R nNova3
      Spider -man
      Batman: The Rise of Dark Knights (TDKR) [2]
      n Zombie Wood
      Iron Man 2
      Iron Man 3
      Glacier era: village
      Playmobil Pirates
      The lonely car god: Vegas
      gt racing 2: real experience
      : Dark World
      Brothers 3

      gameloft game screenshot (26 pieces)
      real football 2006 real football 2006

      air strike 1944
      asphalt 2 Urban GT urban car 2
      asphalt 3 STREET RULES car 3
      BLOCK BREAKER DELUXE Brick Luxury Edition
      BRAIN Challenge Brainpower Challenge
      DEREK JETER PRO BASEBALL 2006 2006 Derek professional baseball ndiamond rush diamond shock
      dogz City
      king kong pinball Vajrayana version
      lumines music box
      medieval combat medieval fighting
      miami nights single in the city Miami
      midnight pool谍3rnNaval Battle Mission Commander 海战rnOpen Season 狩猎季节rnParis Hiltons Diamond Quest 巴黎希尔顿之钻石连连看rnPlatinum Mahjong 白金麻将rnPlatinum Solitaire 白金纸牌rnPlatinum Sudoku 白金Number of independence
      prince of persia the two Thrones Prince of Persia 3 Kings
      Rayman Raving Rabbid Crazy Lehman
      SPLINTER CLL DOUBENT Belly Terring
      TENNIS Open 2007 Tennis Open
      THE O.C. Orange County Boy
      Tropical Madness Crazy Tropical Rain Forest (Crazy Jungle)
      AND 1 Street Street Basketball
      ASPHALT URBAN GT Urban Racing 1
      BROTHERS in Arms Earnet Chess master
      football trivia football knowledge competition
      king kong King Kong
      midnight bowling midnight bowling nmidnight casino
      midnigh n
      t pOKER midnight poker nmight and Magic Magic Gate
      Mystery Mansion Pinball Mysterious Building Mysterious Building Popular Terrace
      New York Nights Success in The CITY New York Night Life
      Platinum Kakuro Platinum Platinum Mystery
      prince of Persia The Sands of Time Persian Persian Sand
      Prince of Persia Warrior Within Prince's Heart
      rainbow Six 3 Rainbow Six No. 6 3
      rainbow Six Lockdown Rainbow No. 6 Rainbow Sixth Rainbow Action
      RAYMAN 3
      rayman Kart Lehman Kart
      SEXY POKER 2006 sexy poker 2006
      sexy poker manga sexy poker comics nSexy Poker Top Models sexy poker top model
      Sexy Vegas sexy Vegas
      siberian strike Siberian air combat
      solitaire card Tomorrow of cell division, Pandora nstar Battalion Star Army
      Totally Spies Full -time Detective Girl Group
      VANS SKAT and SLAM Fan's Super Skateboard
      | Vijay Singh ProLF 2005 Victoria 2005 Professional Golf Ball Game
      WAR of the Worlds World War
      ASPHALT Wild Data

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