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    What is the rule of "Texas Hold'em"?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Game rules
      The use of props
      The standard poker cards remove 52 cards of the queen to play for the game.
      The number of games
      general 2-10 players, 12 players in individual situations.
      The game purposes
      It win other players' chips.
      The bet purpose
      Player to continue looking at the cards or the same amount of bargaining chips at the same time. The player with insufficient chips can see the bottom and participate in the comparison card.
      Betting of the card
      The hair cards are generally divided into 5 steps, which are:
      perflop — the big size blindly, and then send 2 cards to each player. A player chooses to give, add injection, or build a license. In the clockwise direction, other players make a statement in turn. The big blind player finally states that if the player has an additional situation, the players who have already followed the note need to make a statement again or even many times many times. Show.
      FLOP —— Send three public issues at the same time, starting from the small blindness (if the small blindness has already built the card, starts with the recent players in the back, and so on. , Add injection, or cover up.
      turn — Sending the fourth card, starting from the small blindness, expressed in a clockwise direction.
      river — Sending the fifth card, starting from the small blindness, according to the clockwise direction, the player can choose to bet, add injection, or build a license.
      -after the first 4 rounds and bets, the remaining players start to brighten the size ratio, and the largest player to win the bottom of the pool.

      The Texas Hold'em, began in the town of Texaslobes in the early 20th century. It is rumored that locals invented a poker game that can participate in many people at the same time. So Texas Hold'em was born. In 1925, Texas Poker was first introduced to Dallas in Texas, and later passed to Las Vegas. Since then, Texas Hold'em has been carried forward by Mingsheng.
      The "World Hold'em Contest" (WSOP) with no upper limit betting on Texas Hold'em as its main event (WSOP) since landing in the United States in the 1970s, the annual events have made more and more people have the Texas Hold'em. It must be understood that this is also a sign of Texas Hold'em to start a large area.
      The live broadcast and publicity of various international competitions with TV and media, especially the Internet. In the United States, if someone says that he is playing poker games, it is mostly playing Texas Hold'em. Texas Hold'em is favored by chess and card enthusiasts in various countries with its characteristics of learning and difficulty, and poker games.

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