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    Which is the better of xbox and PS4?


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Which of PS4 and Xbox One, which one is you buying?
      The price
      the xbox One and the 4 Cost The say amount of money: The base level for each is $ 250 in North America. The basic price of each game is $ 250 to $ 300. rnThe ranges in price come from bundle offerings, in which the consoles come with various games or extra or services at a discount that still raise the overall cost.rn价格存在区间范围源自于会捆绑不同产品进行Sales, game opportunities bring different games or additional handles or services to sell and provide corresponding discounts together, and these adding together will increase the total cost.
      After upgrading, the price of the XBOX One X 499 US dollars is 100 US dollars higher than the PS4 Pro!
      The expert analysis, Xbox One X's processor "Scorpio Engine" is expected to be 15%to 20%larger than PS4 Pro. The processor is the most expensive single part of the game console, and the larger processor will of course bring higher costs.
      So XBOX ONE X is more expensive than PS4 Pro, which is more than $ 100. In fact, Microsoft itself also said that they did not earn this price.
      This players say that Microsoft is about to end because of the price of XBOX One X, but one of them ignores that Microsoft's strong promotional "monster console" has long been deeply rooted in people. Dear.
      "The Last Survivor" game screen
      this is where thing start to divide pretty Sharply: SONYS 4 SIMPLY HAS More Games You can play on only the 4. r r r r r
      games are the biggest reasons for choosing differences: Sony's 4 has more games, and you can only play these games on 4.
      It from "Mysterious Sea" to "Last Survivors" to "Blood Source: Curse", PS4 has richer monopoly works in the game type.
      "Mysterious Sea" game screen
      it has biggest proplem with the xbox one in rencent year: not entouGh great game that can be played on only one one one.
      has been in recent years. The biggest problem of Xbox One: There are not enough exclusive games that can only play with Xbox One.
      xbox One's exclusive works include Halo and "Forza" (Forza). Although they also have many loyal players, they are still inferior to PS4 games.
      "Halo" game screen
      It for domestic players, PS4 Pro also has a little advantage in its hardware as a Japanese manufacturer, the unique affinity of Japanese game developers.
      Mou and American players may not be so concerned about pure Japanese -style games, but after all, they are also Asians. Many domestic players still like Japanese -style games. Choosing Xbox One X means giving up these works. rn03rn服务rnSony and Microsoft offer nearly identical services, which serve as a means of accessing online gaming as well as offering "free" games (as long as you remain a paying ).r N Sony and Microsoft provide almost the same service, which include multiplayer online and some "free" games (of course, you must first be paid users).
      Sony's service is Network; Microsoft is Xbox Live. Their prices are similar, and they are $ 60 a year, but in the mainland, users pay not much.
      downward compatibility
      biggest selfing for the xbox one over the 4 is backward.
      Microsoft Xbox One is compared to PS4, the biggest selling point is its downward compatibility sex.
      In first explaining what is downward compatibility, and the downward compatibility is also called back compatibility. It refers to a program updated to the new version, and the document created by the old version can still be operated and used.
      , that is, when the game console is updated, it can still be compatible with the old game of the previous version.
      older Xbox 360 and old games on Xbox can be played on Xbox One. If you have a CD of old games, you just need to put it in your Xbox One; if you have this digital game, it will be displayed in your game library.
      it shows that microsoft sees the of gaming history.
      This indicates that Microsoft sees the importance of preserving the history of the game. rn speaking, its a statement about how Microsoft sees the future of its brand: Xbox as a digital platform for gaming, playable across various devices, in line with the companys "Play Anywhere" mission statement.rn从长远From the perspective, this is a statement about how Microsoft looks at its brand in the future: Xbox is a digital game platform that can play on various devices, which is in line with Microsoft's "playing anywhere". Declaration of Duty.
      The handle
      both the xbox one and the 4 has-in-class, extremely complex gamepads. Theyre about as easy to pick up and leader keyd. rate. And PS4 have a first -class, comfortable, and complex gamepad. They are as easy to control and learn as the computer keyboard.
      , there are still differences in details such as feel and endurance.
      Itditically, due to the different design concepts, the feel of the Xbox One handle is definitely better than the PS4 handle.
      PS4's battery life is still a very headache problem. It is okay not to connect the headset. In the case of using the headset, the battery life of the handle is estimated to be two or three hours. Can be used as a wired handle.
      Whether it is battery life, feel, or workmanship, Xbox One is better than PS4. Of course, some players are more accustomed to the PS4 handle, and personal preferences are different from person to person. What they like is the best.
      Let's summarize,
      Price: Xbox One is slightly more expensive than PS4 because the processor is better. No difference
      The downward compatibility: The downward compatibility of Xbox One is better
      : The feel, battery life, and workmanship of the Xbox One handle are better, but the habits of use must vary from person to person.
      So do you know what to choose now?
      Actually, the most important point of judging depends on what kind of game type you like, that is, exclusive works. If you have a special game that you want to play, it happens that it can only play on a platform. ~

    2. PS4 is good.
      1. Compared with the appearance

      PS4 retains the tradition of the Sony game console in appearance. Changes, but a bit like high -end DVDs or amplifiers. Of course, the demand for each family is different, and the aesthetics are different.
      2, comparison from performance
      xbox One and PS4 are both AMD American Tiger Eight CPUs. In terms of memory, the DDR3-2133 256bit and PS4 GDDR5 In detail, to be honest, the game console is the game console. The configuration is only one aspect. It mainly depends on whether he is professional as a game console. After all, we are not a high -profile computer that we buy. Xbox One is equipped with two systems, xbox os playing games, Windows OS With software, the boundaries of PC and Xbox are not obvious.
      3, comparison from the price
      two machines can be booked on the Amazon website in the United States, and the quotation is consistent with the official offer, the difference is 100 knives. I do n’t know what Microsoft thinks. The price of Xbox One is 499.96 US dollar, PS4 399.99 US dollars, the two machines are expected to be released after November, and now they can be booked with credit cards, but they will not deduct when they are shipped. Since Amazon has not included in weight, the postage of direct mail in China is less than 20 postage of less than 20 posts in China. Dollar.
      4. From the comparison of supported games
      This link is very important! Everyone knows that the main content of a game console is the fun and wide area of ​​the game it supports the game. In the era of PS3 and Xbox360, it was because they were supported by the balance of game manufacturers, which led to the development of the two platforms for the development of the two platforms for many years. What will it be? Essence Note: There are*marked indications in the table above will log in to other models at the same time, such as PS3, Xbox360 or PC.

    3. PS4 should be better, there are differences in the appearance, membership services, and game arranges.
      1, appearance
      PS4 abandoned the traditional trapezoidal body and ridges, but adopted a unique wilting shape design. This instantly enhances its recognition. The two USB interfaces, the state lights are also hidden on the decoration line well, maintaining the integration of the fuselage, and the body is small and does not take up too much space.

      If the shape of the PS4 belongs to the bird -like type, the Xbox One is a rough man. The sidewalk outlet is a typical American masculine design, which looks a little clumsy from the appearance.

      2, member service
      For game consoles, membership services are also very important. The first is the membership system of PS4. The members of the post -clan have always been called PS . The main benefits are free games on 4 to eight PSNs per month. Turk to 50 % off. It should be noted that the national service has not yet started this project, because the game is large and small, and you can only have the opportunity to continue this strategy after the game is approved.
      3, game array
      The existence of the host, monopoly game is a big factor. This Xbox is better than EPS4. Although there are top -level racing games such as Horizon 4, it is poor and most of them can experience it on the PC. PS4's game Chen Rong is the strongest platform. With Sony's first and Japanese -style monopolies, it has captured the hearts of most Asian players. And the number of gamers affects the online experience. In the same game, PS4 must be much more lively than Xbox.

    4. PS4 is better. The difference is that the exclusive game of PS4 is based on adventure class and action classes. Xbox's exclusive games are mainly FPS class and somatosensory motion.
      The high dynamic range (HDR) game -in the game, its main features, but of course standard PS4 is first -class. It is just more expensive PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. All 4 models now support HDR of related games and media content. Of course, you don't have to own the PS4 professional version.
      of course, HDR is only applicable to those TVs that support HDR, and they need games to support wider color gamut and deeper contrast. Many games now benefit from darker black and higher white HDR peaks. There will be more in the future. Most of the games released by PS4 are HDR graphics.
      controller -For the nearest PS4 and PS4 Pro, Sony redesigned the DualShock 4 controller. It has an additional LED light strip on the top of the controller's touch panel, which is different from the original version. In this way, players can see it without turning the gamepad to see their colors in multiplayer games. The latest strike pad also increases the ability to communicate through the USB port. This means that you can use it with the PC, for example, no complex setting process.
      You can still use the previous DualShock 4 controller, so if you see any or upgraded from the original 4 in Yicu, you can use them as other gamepads. And you may need to buy extra things after many games: because of too much thumb movement, we have tear up a simulated coating in some way.
      games -it is not technically the most powerful console, but whether the boy has some high -quality games, especially some exclusive games, such as "God of War" and "Mysterious Sea 4" Essence There are also a large number of third parties and independent support, so whether you like puzzle games, role -playing, adventure, fighting or driving games, everyone can find real things.

    5. Xboxone is better than Xboxone and PS4.
      PS4 is the hot body, from time to time, the fan has a loud noise. XB1 has spike PS4 with a large volume design in this regard. At present, 4 mineral water bottle caps are matched below PS4 to improve. PS4 is small, and the power supply is also built, but the heat dissipation is not good. Those who play games often know which one is more important. Of course, except for those who like Chinese and not true. Microsoft learned the lessons of the 360 ​​era, and this time did well.
      xbox One's hardware configuration includes: 8-core CPU, 8GB memory, 500GB hard disk, Blu-ray drive, USB 3.0 interface, and 802.11n Wi-Fi support. In addition, Xbox One will run Microsoft Windows 8 kernel, and its new generation of Kinect body sensor will upgrade to support 1080P wide -angle lens. The Xbox game controller includes 40 new design changes, supporting the characteristics of trigger force feedback
      In addition to the public's hardware configuration and Kinect2.0 somatosensory peripherals, Microsoft also revealed that Xbox One will run the Windows kernel, this It means that Microsoft's main products currently use a unified system, including WP mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop machines, servers, XBOX gaming machines.
      xbox One uses the Windows kernel, which is another step for Microsoft to unify its products. This unified platform is obviously good news for developers and can also bring great benefits to Microsoft. A close combination of ecosystems make the development of cross -platform platforms easier, and it also makes Microsoft's easier to maintain the ecosystem, because the platforms used by all products are the same core.

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